Thieves target bank accounts and credit cards with identity theft

Posted at 9:53 PM, Nov 28, 2016

Could a thief be eyeing your bank account? The answer is yes. Fraud experts warn, this is the time of year, banking accounts and credit cards are being jeopardized at very high rates.

"This person left me with nothing," said 21-year-old Erin Drawbridge.

The holiday season is anything but cheery for Drawbridge. She is a college student who works part time.

"I can't pay it. I can't pay any of my bills because my account's $80 off balance," said Drawbridge.

She only has $41.03 left after a debit card ending in 7874, withdrew $80 out of her account. It is a card she says she has never even seen.

"The bank gave it to them," said Drawbridge.

According to Drawbridge, Huntington Bank told her a person who had Drawbridge's personal information, requested a temporary ATM card.

"The person then changed the pin that I use for debit purchases and atm withdrawal, and took $80 from my account which was most of my paycheck," said Drawbridge.

"There's more activity this time of year on people's credit cards than any other point and time in the year." said Thomas Scharf.

Fraud expert, Scharf, says the process of stealing your money continues to get more sophisticated.

"This is their business. They're in the business to try to steal your money," said Scharf.

The thieves are using all kinds of technology including chip reading devices.

"They can accidentally bump into you, and in that period of time they can scan your credit card," said Scharf.

He says the device is so accurate; it can actually read your chip through clothing; even through a purse. You can prevent this from happening with scan protection device.

Drawbridge is working with police and the bank to get her money back.

"I've explained my situation, they're helping me," said Drawbridge.

Huntington Bank says they are investigating and hope to have a resolution soon.