Warm winter good for cars, bad for mechanics

Posted at 5:43 PM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 20:52:35-05

Oil changes and tire rotations: not the work mechanic Jack Meyers thought he’d be doing this time of year.

He says, “There's no accidents, there’s no no starting, there’s no battery failure, there’s no brake issues.”

Without a spot of snow on the ground, he’s had no choice but to only do the standard checkups.

“Yeah, our business has been hurting,” he said. “Last time this year, it was just insane. We were parking cars down the street, we had to plow the street down there because of all the cars we had.”

But while mechanics and body shops tussle with losing money, consumers get to hang onto a little bit longer.

The lack of typical winter repairs could save car owners hundreds, even thousands of dollars of unexpected expenses.

One major benefit is the lack of rust on cars from salted roads—an often expensive repair.

“The rust on cars, it’s ridiculous,” Meyers said. “I mean, all the way from fuel lines to brake lines popping, to suspension components weakening suspension components, everything you name it, rust it just, it takes over cars.”

Other benefits? Drivers are saving on battery life, tire pressure and even gas.

"A car has to heat up, so in order for it to heat up, it has to give a lot of gas in the engine, so right now, since it’s been warm, a car doesn’t need a lot of gas to heat up.”

Another obvious advantage to this warm weather for drivers is the lack of crashes. This time last year, there were crashes due to winter weather, which also means automobile repairs were racking up.

Meyers recommends drivers to get the proper maintenance on their vehicles now, so when the blustery weather does come, they’ll be prepared.


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