Woman wishes she hadn't used

Posted at 12:27 PM, Mar 04, 2016

I bet you "wish" you could get jewelry, shoes, clothes online for cheap prices in an easy way. But be careful what you "wish" for.

We dug into a problem with and how one local woman said she needed to tell her story before it's too late for you.

"I do crafts and they have craft supplies real cheap,” said Shelley Clagg. She's from Amherst and lives in a small apartment with her cat named Kola. She's on a tight budget so she liked because of the prices. She thought it was a perfect match for her.

Clagg has signed up for text messages when there's any activity with her bank account.  She got not only one text alert for $45 dollars, but she received yet another one. This time for $72. "I saw where they were from, opened up the app for Wish to see what the heck was going on."

Clagg went straight to the police to file a report about the fraudulent charges then came home to find another problem. "I discovered that there's an email attached to my account that's not my email,” said Clagg.

She isn't the only one coming forth with problems about  We found reviews on claiming identity theft, stolen information, and fraud. All of that despite Google naming it one of the best shopping apps of 2014. There are positive reviews on SiteJabber, but many people claim they have concerns about the site.

Clagg advice about sites that have your account info? "If your bank offers you the texting like I have, use it. It can save your butt big time."

Like a cat with nine lives, Clagg is making a comeback from this and trying to help you.  "I'm glad we're able to get out there and let people know so they can check their accounts and let them know if they've been hit."

We reached out to for comment about the problems brought up by Clagg and others concerning its site. We have yet to hear back about our interview request.