6 Ugly Sweaters You'll Want to be Caught In

Posted at 6:57 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 12:22:41-05

Time to get tacky! Nothing says, "It's holiday season" like the classic ugly holiday sweater. They're festive, they're funny, and downright ugly. If you're looking to give a hilarious present this year or want to be the center of attention at your next holiday party, check out this list of our favorite holiday ugly sweaters.

1. A Christmas Story Gets Ugly

This charming ugly sweater from Target features everyone's favorite leg lamp from the holiday film, A Christmas Story. You'll definitely be winning a "major award" at your holiday party with this one. You can party on with this sweater for around $33.

2. Ugly Sweat-Er

Possibly one of the ugliest ugly sweaters we've ever seen,'s Ugly Sweater Sweater is an homage to all those times you did a little too much sweating in your workout top.

The hilarious prints come in "Gingerbro", "Sappy Tree", and "Abominable Snowperson" sweat "stains", and all of them feature a little extra sweat around the pits, for good measure. You can ring in the holiday season by grabbing one of these sweaty babies for around $40.

3. Stranger Things Sweater

The Netflix show that's taken the nation by storm now has its own ugly sweater. The super festive knit is printed with your favorite Ouija board light display - and even lights up for an added dose of spooky fun. Get ready to turn your holiday Upside Down by picking up this sweater, here, for around $33.

4. Booty Shakin' Santa

If the holidays make you want to boogie down, then you'll definitely appreciate this super creative "Booty Shakin' Santa" sweater, designed by Whoopi Goldberg - the queen of crazy sweaters, herself. This awesome sweater shows Santa prancing on a rooftop, and getting down before going down a chimney.

As if the imagery wasn't hilarious enough, Santa's booty even features pom poms for an awesome 3D, booty shakin' touch. If you want to get down in this comfy sweater, you can pick it up from Zappos, here.

5. Disturbing...

Know someone who's really into the holiday spirit and happens to love Star Wars? Get them this awesome holiday sweater that shows how Darth Vader feels about humbugs around the holidays. You can show off a little of your dark side this holiday by picking up this sweater from for around $50. You know you can't say, "Noooooo...!"

6. Sweater-Romper

Not a fan of ugly sweaters? We get it. That's why there's alternatives, one of which is, this amazing Christmas Romper. Yes - romper.

These incredible works of art were created by online retailer Get on Fleek and comes in three different styles for your preferred holiday look: You can romp around looking like a casual Santa, lend a helping hand as a workshop elf, or even ring in Hannukkah with the "It's Lit" romper - complete with dreidls and a lit menorah. If you do decide to use this as your holiday attire, you'll definitely stand out, particularly with all that leg out.

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