West side sinkhole leaves residents frustrated

Posted at 6:24 PM, Dec 15, 2015

There's a sinking feeling in a west Cleveland neighborhood and homeowners are wondering why it's not getting fixed.

People told us that a sinkhole has been an ongoing problem with water tunneling its way underneath their street, their sidewalks, and even their driveways.

"This started sinking so much that anybody who tried to pull into the driveway here was scraping," said Scott Bailey referring to the street in front of his home. A huge sinkhole thankfully was repaired recently but neighbors said it took a while to get to.

"Before they even paved this, the cars would come by and everybody was hitting it,” said Bailey. “You had people out here cussing, getting mad because a lot of the little cars around here nobody even wanted to come down the street."

He and other neighbors figure there are even more problems below because about a month and a half ago Zulma Pizarro heard a small truck slam into a sinkhole now covered by a metal plate. "I don't usually look outside the window but for some reason I did and I noticed the hole," said Pizarro.

The plate is right next to the repaired sinkhole. Pizarro explained to us there are many drainage problems around the street and even in her front yard where there was a major issue under her sidewalk.

"I mean there was a big hole and you could see from one side to the other,” Pizarro said.

We asked a couple of city departments, what's up with West 45th? We were told that some of the repairs on that street are scheduled for this month and that a request has been made for them to be done “sooner than later.”

Neighbors want the fixes done as soon as possible. "That plate's going to sit there for the rest of...probably until summer until somebody comes out and fixes it," said Bailey

Neighbors explained that the plate has gotten dangerous because cars are swerving all the time to avoid hitting it. The city told us it’s still trying to figure out why the street is caving in.


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