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Kyle Rittenhouse: Judge rules there is enough evidence for teen to stand trial for homicide

Posted at 2:44 PM, Dec 03, 2020

KENOSHA, Wis. — A Kenosha County Court Commissioner ruled there is enough evidence for Kyle Rittenhouse to stand trial for homicide charges. A preliminary hearing was held this morning in Kenosha. Rittenhouse appeared virtually from his lawyers office in Racine.

Rittenhouse and his mother were dropped off in front of Mark Richards’ office. Rittenhouse is free on a $2 million bail. Rittenhouse didn’t say anything as he walked inside.

His mother said, “ Get away from me.”

During the hearing, Rittenhouse sat quietly with a mask. He lowered it so his lawyer could identify him to the court.

“I will stipulate my client is seated in the blue shirt, he just pulled his mask down,” said Richards.

The defense first asked for two of the charges in the case to be dismissed, reckless endangering safety and possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor. The defense argued the possession of a weapon charge, in part, was a violation of Rittenhouse’s 2nd amendment rights. The prosecution disagreed.

“This is a situation where a teenager went running around the streets of Kenosha with a very dangerous weapon. And this is exactly why we have this law because a teenager, in this case, killed two people and shot a third because teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to run around with dangerous weapons because bad things happen,” said Thomas Binger, Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney.

The court rejected the motion to dismiss the two charges. It also ruled on whether there was enough evidence to more Rittenhouse’s case to a trial.

Prosecutors laid out parts of their case, calling a Kenosha Police Detective Benjamin Antaramian to testify about what happened the night of Aug. 25.

“An investigation later determined Joseph Rosenbaum was shot in the parking lot later to be determined to be deceased and then Kyle Rittenhouse was the shooter on that scene he fled that incident,” said Antaramian.

The detective testified Rittenhouse went on to shot and kill Anthony Huber and seriously wound Gaige Grosskreutz. The defense then cross-examined the detective, showing still photos from the night of the shooting.

“Mr. Grosskreutz, in his right hand, you can clearly see a firearm, correct?” Ssked Richards.

“Yes sir,” answered Antaramian.

“He is pointing it at my client correct,” said Richards.

“It appears so,” said Antaramian.

But the prosecutor said a self-defense argument for a jury to decide, not a preliminary hearing.

“All this court needs to find was that a felony was committed and probably committed with this defendant,” said Thomas Binger, the assistant district attorney of Kenosha County.

The court agreed. Rittenhouse moves forward with a trial in Kenosha. He will be back in court Jan. 5, 2021 for an arraignment hearing.