Another deadline missed for 'crucial' roads report in Cleveland

Posted at 6:21 AM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 06:21:08-05

On Your Side Investigators are uncovering more problems with a Cleveland study that rates your roads.

It's a survey that city leaders have said is crucial for future projects but it's still not done.

News 5 has been told numerous times about deadlines but they've all come and gone. In fact, the Pavement Management Study was supposed to be out last April, then it was May, June, August, November, December, and January.  Now that it’s February, there’s still no report.

This whole process dates back to 2015, so by the time city leaders start making decisions on road repaving this year the data will, in all likelihood, be dated.

"It’s horrible….horrendous,” said Angelo Calo about his street in Tremont. He’s lived on Brevier 8 years. “The shocks and stuff on my car have been destroyed…and we've been complaining about the roads for years and they've never even did nothing."

Broken Roads, Broken System: Grade your street and compare it with Cleveland's grade

He says he's disappointed that the city and the contractor keep missing deadlines especially after the mayor's right-hand man Darnell Brown told News 5 this in December.

“My last conversation with (the contractor) was you need to get a lot of urgency about getting this product completed…My expectation is that the Pavement Management Study should be completed in a format that we would accept by the end of January."

Plus, our investigation “Broken Roads, Broken System” showed how the last Pavement Management Study was not used to its fullest potential. Cleveland City Council Members told us that. And we showed how that 2009 study had numerous mistakes. Taxpayers shelled out $400,000 for that study and this new one costs $600,000.

Meanwhile, Brevier has caused Calo a lot of headaches. "They need to be fixed. All the roads are terrible. Mostly ones that people have lived on forever,” he told us.

We want your feedback on the roads you take or where you live in Cleveland. Check out our “Broken Roads, Broken System” feedback page and rate your streets.