Carmageddon in Akron, construction means closed roads and unhappy drivers

Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 17:04:04-04

Akron's major construction project on the Central Interchange started up Tuesday, but drivers told NewsChannel 5 they were not properly prepared. 

"It's a big headache for everybody," Akron resident, Bill Harshaw said. 

"It's gonna be a long project. You gotta know your way around," Akron driver, Mike Szaba, added. 

They're just two of more than one-hundred-thousand drivers that use the Central Interchange daily. 

"A lot of people up here, road rage! I'll just stay away from them," Harshaw said. 

Every person NewsChannel 5 talked to said they were frustrated with the construction, confused about the signage and not clear about the detours. 

We took those concerns to Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman, Brent Kovacs. 

"A lot of people we're talking to weren't prepared for this," NewsChannel 5's Tara Molina said to Kovacs.

"Yeah, unfortunately we got the go ahead the same time everyone else did yesterday," Kovacs said. 

Kovacs said the project was delayed last week because their contractor didn't have the correct signage up. 

"They met their requirements and we didn't want to delay any longer than we had to," he added.