Cavs CEO talks all things ALL IN

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 21:44:36-04

It’s the second year in a row for the Cavs reaching the NBA Finals and those running the organization say they’ve learned a few things about fan experience.

Cavs CEO Len Komoroski called the Gateway complex a great venue and that the Cavs were voted in the top two of overall game experience this year for the entire NBA. It’s something the staff prides itself on after 9 different sets of criteria were used and voted on by peers. Komoroski explained “it’s an honor” to serve the fans and help them make memories. FanFest is definitely a part of that and Komoroski joked that they try to pack as many people as the fire marshal will allow.

This year he told us he knows the spotlight is brighter and the stakes are higher so the Cavs used their own experience to heighten what we feel as fans today. “Last year’s Finals, we did so many things and put so many things against the wall in terms of what could work and what could engage the community even further and what it did was really help guide us because what we’ve done is doubled down on that,” said Komoroski.

He went on to say this is the same city that has fought back to make itself a bright spot for the world to see. So much has happened since the 2007 Finals. “It is a totally different city which now whether it be....New York Times, LA of the top places to visit…we're on that list,” said Komoroski.  “For all Clevelanders, we're expecting good things to come versus waiting for the shoe to drop.”

Komoroski told us one of the added bonuses has been the Lake Erie Monsters hockey team. The Monsters are going for their first championship cup since the 1960’s.  It helps with the adrenaline rush for Cleveland sports fans.

Add to all of this the Republican National Convention, and The Q and Cleveland become a huge focal point. “The cherry on top…the RNC which is arguably going to be, it's not only the second largest media event behind the summer olympics but arguably going to be one of the most watched conventions ever,” said Komoroski. “Collectively, it's just amazing how it's all come together that way and Cleveland is the center of the world here for a couple of months.”