Cavs game 7 watch party downtown parking ban and increased police security

Police will conduct watch party security sweeps
Posted at 9:32 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 23:25:45-04

The City of Cleveland is bracing itself for one of busiest and most exciting Sunday's in it's history, with the Cavaliers playing game 7 in the NBA finals, and the Indians in town for an afternoon game.

As you might guess Cleveland police will respond with a significant increase in patrols and security sweeps, as well as an extensive parking ban around Quicken Loans Arena.

Cleveland Mayor's office spokesman Dan Ball told police are preparing to handle the tens of thousands of fans that will pour into the city starting Sunday morning.

"The division of police have been working on a plan for quite some time now to deal with the large amounts of people, that will be not only inside the "Q" for the watch party, but also at surrounding bars and eateries," said Ball.

"Events like this and other large events like the transplant games and other events that we've had in the past are good dry runs for the RNC."

Ball said a big part of the security plan is an extensive parking ban that will start at 10 AM on Sunday June 19 and continue until 1 AM Monday morning.

"We put these parking bans into place so that we can move people out of the city quicker when the game is over, and also when there is large amounts of people," explained Ball.

The Parking ban will be in place in the following areas:

*East 2nd Street from Prospect Avenue to High Avenue
* East 4th Street from Prospect Avenue to Huron Road
* Prospect Avenue both North & South side from Ontario Street to East 14th Street
* Huron Road both North & South side from Ontario Street to Prospect Avenue
* East 9th Street both East & West side from Superior Avenue to Carnegie Avenue
* Bolivar Road both North & South side from East 7th Street to Prospect Avenue
* Erie Court both North & South side from East 9th Street to East 14th Street