Cedar Point closure affects NE Ohio tourists

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 05:50:24-04
America's Roller Coast, Cedar Point, shut down Monday and still under repair after severe storms Sunday.
70 mile-per-hour winds wreaked havoc on Cedar Point's causeway, taking down utility lines, trees and exposing live wires. 
More than 20 crews worked through the night to clean up the mess. 
Mike Eck, with First Energy, told NewsChannel 5 it is the worst damage he's seen in a long time. 
"I can't recall when we last saw damage like this," Eck said. he added that cleanup will go on until late Monday.
"It's a labor intensive process. And even with this many crews at it, it's gonna take most of the day," he said.
Families visiting from out of town, like Leigh Ann Johnson's, told NewsChannel 5 the parks' closure affected their vacation plans. 
"Everybody is pretty bummed," Johnson said. She told NewsChannel 5 she is requesting a full refund because they can't stay until tomorrow. 
They were some of many visitors affected. 
Other families, like Melody Malone's, changed their plans and prayed for sunshine.
"We'll just stay an extra day since we paid for a two day ticket to the park," Malone said. 
According to Cedar Point staff, the park will reopen Tuesday.
A spokesman said they're accommodating people the best they can.
Guests who purchased tickets for Monday can use them any day the 2016 season. 
Guests who had purchased dated admission or Fast Lane tickets for Sunday, June 5 or Monday, June 6 are welcome to use their tickets at Cedar Point on any other operating day during the 2016 season or use them today at Cedar Point’s sister parks Kings Island in Cincinnati and Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon, Mich.

For guests wishing to receive a refund on their pre-purchased tickets dated June 6, they should visit to make those requests.