Check your family: Super Lice in Northeast Ohio

Posted at 9:43 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 21:43:22-04
Check your kids and while you are at it check yourself! Super lice have made their way to Northeast Ohio and they are stronger than ever before. Now that kids are back in school, it is something parents need to be aware of. According to journals, this mutated form is resistant to 98% of over the counter medicines.
"It was at dinner time and I scratched my head and I found a bug in my nail so we stopped eating dinner." said mother, Liz Jernejcic. "Dinner was done." She laughed.
Jernejcic can laugh about it now, but last Thursday was anything but funny.
"I couldn't 'believe that this was happening. I bent over and scratched my head and a couple more came out," said Jernejcic.
Not only did she have super lice, so did her four children ranging in age from one to 10.
"We shaved all four of our boys heads - so they're bald!" Exclaimed Jernejcic.
We caught up with Jernejcic at Picky Pam Lice Removal.
"The good news is there is nothing left in your hair, you are super lice free," said Jernejcic.
Owner Pamela Routte says they are busy this season.
"The kids come back to school. They have lice unknown to their parents, they haven't seen their friends all summer long, they hug them and all of a sudden we've shared." said Routte.
The lice are oftentimes shared by the ones we love.
"You don't get lice from random strangers, you get lice from your family and friends," said Routte.
Routte says super lice are so hard to get rid of because of pesticides.
"Because of overuse, they've genetically mutated and developed a resistance to it," said Routte.
A resistance to many over the counter medicines.
The super bug is now in 48 out of 50 states, the other two have yet to be tested.