Letters sent to dozens of neighbors accuse Cleveland couple of 'drug activity'

Couple accused of "drug activity"
Posted at 11:07 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 06:34:57-05

Cleveland couple Clark and Brenda Nelson report what they call a "shocking form of harassment" — letters sent to dozens of their neighbors claiming the couple may be involved in drug activity. 

The one-page flyer is being sent in a plain white envelope and includes a bogus return address from an agency that doesn't exist.

The anonymous letter also asks neighbors to call the Nelson's places of employment and demand the couple be fired from their jobs.

"It's shocking that someone could do this, that someone could stoop this low," said Clark Nelson.

"Somebody could just make up something, and you can call somebody's job to try and get them fired."

Nelson, who is a Deacon at his church and served in the U.S. Army, said more than 50 neighbors received the letters at their homes and that many of them have come to the support of he and his wife.

Nelson said he's not sure who would take the time, money and effort to send the fliers or why.

Neighbors like Johnny Brown believe the harassing fliers have put the Nelson's at risk.

"Absolutely, positively it's criminal," said Brown. "They've put these people's lives in danger.  They've put their way of life in jeopardy, and they've put their character out there to be stomped on and mugged."

The Nelson's have filed a police report, and have been instructed to take the case to the Cleveland city prosecutor.

The Nelsons told News 5 they'll even contact the main branch of the post office to determine it the letters are a violation of federal law.