Cleveland Housing Court searching for rogue landlords

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 23:22:57-05

Cleveland Housing Court is searching for 45-year-old Graig Brown and his brother, 49-year-old Derek Brown after the court said the pair of landlords owe tens of thousands of dollars in court fines and delinquent property taxes.

Housing court records indicate a warrant has been issued for their arrest, but the court said this is far from the first time they've been in court.

Court records indicate there have been dozens of civil judgments and criminal case leveled against the Brown brothers.

In Dec. 2015 Federal Court Judge C. Donald Nugent issued a 20-page judgment against the Brown brothers, awarding a settlement of more than 4 million dollars to three former female tenants.

The judgment cited numerous abuses by the Brown brothers against Mina Gray, Briana Bowers and Me'Chelle Thompson.

"Each Plaintiff experienced the loss of a home she had anticipated as a haven, but instead was turned into a nightmare," said Judge Nugent.

Attorney Diane Citrino represented the women in federal court and believes her client's civil rights were violated by the Brown brothers.

"The Brown brothers just kicked them out, without proper notice," said Citrino.  "Locking her door, causing her to lose her belongings."

"You should not be able to go in and violate the fair housing laws of our country, which protect people."

Citrino said Cleveland tenants dealing with landlord issues should contact the Cleveland Tenants Organization for advice or the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland if they need representation and have little means.