CLE lead paint battle, more inspectors coming

CLE lead paint battle, more inspectors coming
Posted at 11:06 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 05:45:53-05

The City of Cleveland is urgently working to correct major concerns over lead paint poisoning, especially when it comes to its impact in children under the age of 6.

Cleveland Councilman Michael Polensek told it's an issue that should have been addressed more than two decades ago, and added if the city doesn't come up with a comprehensive plan, thousands of inner city children will continue to live with this health threat.

"The enforcement in this area, lead abatement, was a disaster," said Polensek.  "And to have one inspector working the entire city? Come on now, get real, get real."

The City of Cleveland is responding, and told that six new health department inspectors are now in training and could be on the job by the end of the month.

The city is also going to bring in inspectors from four surrounding counties to help with the massive backlog of lead paint cases.

Cleveland's Health and Human Services Committee will hold a special hearing on Feb. 4 on the lead paint issue in city homes and the problem of childhood lead poisoning.

"Something must be done as soon as possible about this critical issue," said Polensek.  "We have already let this go on for far too long, public education and outreach is badly needed."