CLE Ohio City theft, call for more security

Posted: 9:30 PM, Apr 07, 2016
Updated: 2016-04-08 02:24:35Z
CLE Ohio City theft, call for more security
CLE Ohio City theft, call for more security
CLE Ohio City theft, call for more security
CLE Ohio City theft, call for more security

The Xhibition Clothing store on West 25th Street in Cleveland was hit by thieves once again and police said it marks the fifth incident at the store in the past year.

Cleveland police second district detectives posted extremely clear surveillance pictures of the suspects, who walked into the store at 2:20 in the afternoon, and made off with more than $500 in merchandise.

The theft had the owner of Xhibition Clothing wondering if Ohio City business owners would be willing to pool their resources and hire a private security firm to create a late night patrol.

Ohio City Incorporated Executive Director Thomas McNair told he is well aware of the situation and explained the Ohio City special improvement district will be stepping up store front patrols.

"Safety is our number one priority in this organization," said McNair.  "The special improvement district is now starting to pay more attention to that store front.  But like I said, one crime that happens in Ohio City is one crime too many."

McNair also pointed to the Ohio City Safety Camera Initiative, which has already raised $20,000 for additional surveillance.

McNair had a strong message for would-be robbers, thieves and burglars.

"They'll be caught," explained McNair.  "We have a great working relationship with the second district police department.  They've been extraordinarily helpful before. They've been caught, and they will continue to be caught."

Cleveland police are asking anyone with information to contact second district Detective Janet Murphy at 216-623-5218. You can also send an email to