Cleveland business booms, thanks to RNC

Some businesses seeing 20 percent spike
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 11:13:37-04

Local business is booming and owners told NewsChannel5 they're thanking the Republican National Convention. 

Everything from Cleveland bars and restaurants to local clothing stores are seeing a spike from RNC visitors already in Cleveland.

"The ball has already gotten rolling, as far as people getting in town for the RNC," Blue Point restaurant's general manager, PJ Saracusa, said. 

"We've seen about a 20 percent spike in business and we expect that to grow," Saracusa added. 

George Vlosich, founder of GVArt + Design, said they're RNC-related items are a hot ticket.

One design has been close to selling out, weeks before the convention. 

"People are coming in asking for the RNC stuff and we're getting calls for parties people having during the RNC, or for the convention," Vlosich said. 

Even barber shops are seeing the spike. Waverly Willis, with Urban Kutz, has been riding the RNC high for months. 

"People started coming to town to fix the city up- the infrastructure. People from event planners to secret service people started coming in," Willis said. 

Willis added, the RNC spike is great for the local economy. 

"It's a great thing for us! Me and my barbers. It means more money," he said.