Cleveland Clinic researcher robbed and attacked on property

People are upset there was no public warning
Posted at 5:01 PM, Sep 23, 2016

A Cleveland Clinic researcher was robbed and attacked on clinic property this week. 

People who frequent the area told NewsChannel 5 they're upset the hospital didn't issue a public warning. 
"I'm down here stomping around, and I don't know nothing about it," Eddie Strickland said. 
Strickland said he parks in a nearby Cleveland clinic lot every week. He didn't know about the attack until we told him.
According to a spokesperson for the Cleveland Clinic, the woman attacked is a researcher for the hospital. She was taken to the emergency room and released later that day.
The parking lot the woman was attacked in belongs to a church and is temporarily being leased by the Cleveland Clinic for employee parking. 
There have been six incidents reported on the main campus this year. This is the first on Clinic property. It's still under investigation. 
Debbie Lawson says she saw the whole thing happen and called it disturbing.
"Blood was running down the back of her neck," Lawson said. 
Lawson says she doesn't understand why the Cleveland Clinic didn't issue a public warning, since there are so many Cleveland Clinic lots and buildings in the area.
"You never know who might run behind you," she said.
A spokesperson told NewsChannel 5 all employees and caregivers were notified.
Here is the full statement from the Cleveland Clinic in regards to the incident:
“Cleveland Clinic is committed to the safety and security of all patients, visitors and employees. Earlier this week, one of our employees  was a victim of assault and robbery in a parking lot. Cleveland Clinic Police officers responded immediately and the situation is currently under investigation in cooperation with Cleveland Police. We encourage all those who visit our campus to be vigilant of their surroundings.”