Cleveland council members acknowledge mistakes on roads, vow new report will be used

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 23:51:31-05

On Your Side Investigators have uncovered serious problems with the way streets are taken care of in Cleveland neighborhoods. Now, there’s more acknowledgment about mistakes in the past and how crucial your city leaders get it right this time around.

"I expected problems but I didn't think (the new road conditions report) would be this late,” said Councilman Ken Johnson is the Chairman of the committee that oversees road repairs.

Our investigation revealed after the last roads study in 2009, better-rated roads saw more attention than the poorly-rated streets. "I expect it to be a lot different than before,” said Johnson.

We asked Council President Kevin Kelley about the new system of repaving and the new report. "That's exactly why we need to do this. That's exactly why we need to have a good, accurate pavement management study... start with those Ds and Fs…put out $10 million where the need is,” said Kelley.

The new $600,000 conditions report is late by months now. Residents are hoping it's used more than the 2009 study.

"We used (the 2009 report) as a guide but it's nothing that we relied on,” said Kelley.

That 2009 study was $400, expensive "guide."

We asked if the new one will be relied upon.

“This better be. This better be accurate," said Kelley.

Now a new call from council to be better with data, using the new study when it finally comes out, and getting to your streets that have been ignored in the past.

"We will go out personally and make sure that this stuff is being done and being done correctly to the study,” said Johnson.

"And I'm counting on it being accurate because it's too important,” said Kelley.

The city has told us the new study will be done by the end of January.

Council members said that will be just in time for an important planning meeting on road repairs that comes in February.