Cleveland Metro School District discusses protocol after bus crash involving students

Posted at 8:24 PM, Apr 10, 2017

A Cleveland school bus driver who sideswiped a car last week after her bus went the wrong way down the road, didn't have any disciplinary records or complaints filed against her, according to the school district. 

A spokesperson for CMSD told News 5 that she will be allowed to work, until the investigation is complete. Then, she will go through a disciplinary hearing. However, since she was driving the wrong way, which is a chargeable offense, the district said she will most likely have to go through retraining at some point.

Last Thursday afternoon, the car owner claimed the bus driver tried to run from the scene, after crashing into his parked car.

"What went through my mind, is trying to stop her, because she kept going because she didn't see nobody in it, so she didn't think nobody was there, so she kept going,” he said.

However, according to the Cleveland Metro School District, the bus driver reported she only continued driving to correct herself, after realizing she was going the wrong way. There were kids inside, but no one was injured.

Here is the district's official response:

"In an effort to turn the bus around on a one-way street, the driver admitted side-swiping a parked car. The driver followed protocols in reporting the incident and ensuring the safety of the five students on board."

Right now, Cleveland Police are still investigating this case. After the disciplinary process is complete, officials could make a recommendation on how she will be disciplined.

According to the CMSD Director of Transportation, the driver could face just a written warning/re-training, a 3-day suspension with re-training or even termination, based on the findings of the disciplinary hearing.