Cleveland mom talks about seeing her 12-year-old shot: 'I don't know right now, really what to feel'

Posted at 10:32 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 22:32:23-04

Cleveland police are investigating a drive-by shooting that injured a teenage girl in the  Glenville neighborhood. 

According to police, the 12-year-old girl was not the intended target. 

Tamiya Moore said her daughter is still in a lot of pain, but she's just grateful that her little one is still alive today.

She said her daughter, Damiyah, came home bleeding Monday at about 5 p.m. after returning from riding her bicycle in the neighborhood.

“My father told me that she probably got shot,” Tamiya said. “I'm like I didn't even hear gunshots or anything.”

Damiyah was shot in the foot, and thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery. Her mother said she's still in shock.

“I don't know right now, really what to feel,” Tamiya said.

Police said two groups of men inside two red cars were shooting at each other when Damiyah was shot.

Police think the intended target lived a few blocks away.

Moore said her daughter is deaf and visually impaired, but just like most teenagers, Damiyah is playful and can be a bit stubborn, her mother said.

Damiyah loves to play with people's hair and ride her bicycle; however, Tamiya said daughter has now told her she doesn't want to ride ever again.

Damiyah's parents now plan to move out of the Glenville neighborhood, because they no longer feel safe.