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Cleveland ranks fifth best for nightlife in United States (yes, Cleveland, Ohio -- our Cleveland)

Cleveland skyline at night
Posted at 6:25 PM, Jan 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-04 18:29:52-05

CLEVELAND — Despite what many around the country may believe, particularly free agent athletes, Cleveland has been named the fifth best city for nightlife in the United States, according to a list that we are absolutely sure is scientifically sound that was compiled by Apartment Guide.

The site that helps apartment hunters compare and find living spaces created the list by analyzing each city’s nightlife options in relation to the number of residents, according to the list.

The nightlife rating was based on the ratio of bars, clubs, breweries and music venues to the population of the city.

Cleveland was ranked fifth with 219 bars, 13 breweries, 57 clubs and two music venues. The results determined there is one nightlife venue for every 1,281 people, according to Apartment Guide.

Some Cleveland favorites made the notable reasons for the city's list ranking, including Brewnuts and late night food options like pierogies and Polish Boys.

Two other Ohio cities made the list, landing even higher than Cleveland for best nightlife.

Dayton was ranked third on the list with one nightlife venue for every 1,200 people. It was also noted that it was the most affordable city to live in out of those included in the list, according to Apartment Guide.

Just above Dayton was Cincinnati, landing the second spot on the list. The city’s wealth of breweries and spots for craft beer lovers helped secure its high-ranking.

If you were wondering which city was ranked first, you might be surprised.

St. Louis, Mo., topped the charts with a nightlife venue for every 1,143 people.

Check out the top 50 cities below:

RankCity, StateNightlife Businesses per Resident
1St. Louis, MO1 per 1,143
2Cincinnati, OH1 per 1,192
3Dayton, OH1 per 1,200
4Green Bay, WI1 per 1,237
5Cleveland, OH1 per 1,281
6Pittsburgh, PA1 per 1,387
7New Orleans, LA1 per 1,420
8Portland, OR1 per 1,452
9Fort Lauderdale, FL1 per 1,637
10Orlando, FL1 per 1,649
11Las Vegas, NV1 per 1,739
12West Palm Beach, FL1 per 1,778
13Rochester, NY1 per 1,825
14Davenport, IA1 per 1,860
15Wilmington, NC1 per 1,890
16Buffalo, NY1 per 1,916
17Springfield, IL1 per 1,947
18Pompano Beach, FL1 per 2,046
19Atlanta, GA1 per 2,078
20Seattle, WA1 per 2,119
21Madison, WI1 per 2,145
22Columbia, SC1 per 2,147
23San Francisco, CA1 per 2,200
24Savannah, GA1 per 2,288
25Miami, FL1 per 2,328
26Grand Rapids, MI1 per 2,339
27Denver, CO1 per 2,372
28Charleston, SC1 per 2,408
29Evansville, IN1 per 2,427
30Boulder, CO1 per 2,435
31Peoria, IL1 per 2,454
32Syracuse, NY1 per 2,472
33Springfield, MO1 per 2,498
34Minneapolis, MN1 per 2,514
35Salt Lake City, UT1 per 2,539
36Tampa, FL1 per 2,553
37Milwaukee, WI1 per 2,566
38South Bend, IN1 per 2,622
39Chattanooga, TN1 per 2,634
40Billings, MT1 per 2,674
41Baton Rouge, LA1 per 2,683
42Toledo, OH1 per 2,684
43Salem, OR1 per 2,695
44Lafayette, LA1 per 2,699
45Tacoma, WA1 per 2,701
46Cambridge, MA1 per 2,705
47Des Moines, IA1 per 2,719
48Cedar Rapids, IA1 per 2,813
49Omaha, NE1 per 2,830
50Knoxville, TN1 per 2,839