The feeling of Opening Day that we could all use a little of right now

Posted at 8:40 AM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 08:40:36-04

CLEVELAND — On the sports calendar there is no date filled with more optimism than Opening Day.

“Hope springs eternal,” is the oft overheard phrase as fans would work their way into their respective cathedrals of summer that now sit solemnly empty.

Hope springs eternal is a line written by Alexander Pope nearly 300 years ago that, with proverbial flare, captures the forward thinking essence of the human spirit.

Last season no longer matters, today everyone is tied for first.

We could all use a little of that spirit and the shared passion for baseball right about now but for sure it will come.

When? Who knows but as anxious as we are at this moment to force it along we’d be wise to remember that while Alexander Pope taught us that hope springs eternal he also is the one who taught us another valuable lesson when he penned the phrase “fools rush in.”

So while we’re not sharing each other’s company today in cheering on our team, we are playing a role in not being there, in defeating a bigger foe than any team ever faced on a field.

For just as our voices at times in a stadium can be deafening, our absence this day is louder.