Police capture man in South Carolina who was wanted in 4 killings

Police lights
Posted at 12:29 PM, May 24, 2021

A man was arrested by police in Columbia, South Carolina, who was wanted in four killings in two states after a week on the run.

According to the Associated Press, Tyler Terry, 26, was arrested by the Chester County Sheriff's Office at around 10:30 a.m. local time after more than 300 law enforcement officers searched for him.

Terry is wanted for two killings in South Carolina and two killings in St. Louis, Missouri, the AP reported.

The two killings in St. Louis occurred during robberies on May 15.

Terry had been on the run since May 17 after a car crash and fire at Chester County deputies.

According to The AP, Terry was charged with murder in connection to a shooting that occurred in York in early May and the killing of an estranged husband and wife who drove their car as he fired at officers in Great Falls.