Criminals cloning your key fob, easily taking your car

Posted at 12:58 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 13:06:16-04

Technology is giving criminals a new way to get into your car with key fob cloning.  Like a lot of other things in our hi-tech world, experts told us auto theft is taking a digital turn.

National Insurance Crime Bureau investigators said this all starts when you hit the button on your key fob sending a signal to lock your car. At the same time, a criminal is nearby capturing that same signal and cloning your codes.

As an example, there’s surveillance video capturing the attention of investigators across the country. In California, a man walks by a car on the street mysteriously holding a device in his left hand. Moments later, he effortlessly opens the car door making off with a bag and even a bicycle in the trunk.

National Insurance Crime Bureau investigators said they believe it's called a Relay Attack Unit. It’s a system any criminal can easily buy online for a few thousand dollars.

The technology is so good today criminals are not only able to unlock the ca but they can make off with it too. Plus, because there's rarely security cam video catching these criminals in the act, police don't know much about it either.

Experts told us one way to stop the bad guys from picking up your fob signal is to lock and unlock your car doors manually. Other suggestions include making sure you have a car alarm, using a club on your steering wheel if you park outdoors, and parking in very well-lit areas.