Cuyahoga County jury duty scam spreads nationwide

Posted at 4:36 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 18:06:37-04
A scam mentioning Cuyahoga County is spreading nationwide.
It's a fake jury summons with an address that doesn't even exist in the state.
"It's a scam," Sheryl Harris, director of Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs, said.
Cuyahoga Clerk of Courts getting complaint after complaint from as far west as California from people who've never even been to Cuyahoga County.
Harris said voters will never get emailed or called about jury duty and the scammers could be using the email to get information.
"We think they're trying to collect numbers so they can robocall them," she said. 
Harris shared these tips from Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs:

* Cuyahoga County Courts NEVER email a jury duty summons. The courts communicate with potential jurors by regular mail.

*  NO LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL will ever call citizens to tell them they are about to be arrested or that if they make an immediate payment they can avoid arrest.

  * No goverment agency accepts payment through gift cards or through money wires.

  * This is emailed spam that has no connection to the county (it is highly unlikely it was generated within Ohio)  -- and we believe the intent is to get people to call an 800-number in the email to capture their phone numbers. 

  * People should never click on links or attachments included in an email that seems scary or threatening.