"Deer keeps attacking me," Mentor on the Lake woman says she's fearful of backyard deer

Police say to keep a distance, watch pets
Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 16:56:04-04

A woman in Mentor on the Lake told NewsChannel 5 she is afraid to leave her own home after a handful of confrontations with a deer.

Cindy Frost told NewsChannel 5 the deer is aggressive and won't leave her alone.

"I cannot come out into my yard and enjoy the summer. I feel like a prisoner," she said. 

Frost said the deer has gone after her a few times. 

"It's scary. I'm traumatized. I'm afraid to go in my own yard," she said. 

The deer made Frost's backyard her, and its fawn's, new home. And while it's not the first time deer roamed her yard, but she said it is the first time they've attacked her.

Frost told NewsChannel 5 she was taking her dogs out when she turned around, and found the deer right in her face. 

"The only thing I did was scream at her, clap my hands, and then she started charging me," she said. 

Hard to picture- until you see it yourself. The deer came right up to our crew during the interview.

Frost's neighbor believes the same deer may have attacked his golden retriever last year. 

"She got the dog down on its back, and was pawing it," he said. 

The dog was find after a couple stitches, but the people in the neighborhood still aren't. 

Mentor on the Lake police have noted that the doe is aggressive, but the Chief said it's because of the fawn. 

"If you let them be, they will move on eventually," Mentor on the Lake's police chief, John Gielink, said. 

Frost's only other option is to have both deer killed. She said she won't do that, but next year, they probably won't have a wooded backyard to nest in. 

"If I have this taken down, maybe they'll find another place to go," Frost said.