Should Gov. Mike DeWine be impeached?

Posted at 3:58 PM, Dec 01, 2020

CLEVELAND — It was a simple eight-word question posed after four members of the Ohio legislature introduced Articles of Impeachment Monday against Governor Mike DeWine, "Do you think the governor should be impeached?" Within a day more than 600 of you would weigh in with the vast majority in support of DeWine saying no.

Jim writing "the same people calling for his impeachment are likely the same people who put their entire families at risk and gathered with family for Thanksgiving."

Nancy one of the few saying yes "he has destroyed our economy and small business, the things he has done were unnecessary and didn't work." That, as you can imagine, sparked more than 60 replies - many saying “it was COVID that destroyed the economy, not DeWine. “

For his part the governor says enough already, ”at some point this foolishness has got to stop," DeWine said when asked about the impeachment effort.

“There's a small number of people out there making a lot of noise and I just wish that they would spend, go spend some time talking with someone who has suffered through this, someone who has seen the suffering every day,” said DeWine.

That message directed towards State Representative John Becker (R-Clermont County), leader of the impeachment effort. Becker told News 5 he has not met with healthcare workers, who he says he applauds for their heroic efforts and his heart does go out to those who have suffered a loss.

"You know my heart also goes out to the business owners who have suffered and to the many people who have been unemployed can't get through to the unemployment office because of the incompetence of this administration,” Becker said.

Term-limited Becker leaves office in January and is realistic this will likely go nowhere but he hopes it sends a message to the governor and he also had this message.

"I personally guarantee that the governor will be challenged in a primary. I'm hoping that person is not me,” said Becker. “I would much prefer supporting somebody that's more substantive and has the wherewithal to do a statewide campaign and who can raise $40 million, I am not in that position but if nobody of substance steps up I will do it."