E. CLE residents concerned about storm basins

Posted at 10:06 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 23:26:20-05

East Cleveland residents are sharing their concerns about the creation of three bio storm water run-off basins that are being considered for construction in their city.

Residents are worried the storm water basins could present a neighborhood safety, attract insects and create odor.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is handling the construction of these basins and already has similar units in place on re-purposed lots in Cleveland.

The sewer district believes the basins are a great way to reutilize land that is currently vacant or has blighted structures on them.

On site is located on Page Avenue, where a storm water basin would replace a hazardous abandoned apartment complex.

"The East Cleveland project will not only assist the Sewer District meet our federal water pollution requirements, but offer flooding relief to the immediate community," said a sewer district spokesperson.

"Millions of gallons of storm water will be managed onsite with innovative green infrastructure. For example, the corner or Page and Euclid was previously occupied by vacant apartment buildings. We are replacing that with a park-like setting for all to enjoy."

But East Cleveland residents like Korean Stevenson believe there are too many un answered questions about the project, especially in the basin is in need of repairs.

"Nobody knows how long it will take to fix it, or if it can be fixed once it breaks down," said Stevenson.  "Nobody knows what the back lash that it's going to be.  Will the water overflow into people's homes?"

East Cleveland City Council will hold a meeting on the issue on Mar. 1.

Residents said council must still give final approval on the project.