An ode to Cleveland potholes

Posted at 6:48 AM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 13:11:58-04

Little Italy on Cleveland's east side

Has a lot of history, has a lot of pride

There's one thing, though, you should know

The terrible condition of Mayfield Road

As cars hit huge potholes, they make everything muddy

But where is this section of Mayfield in a big study?

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It's a report that cost a whopping 600 grand

It was supposed to grade every section of street in Cleveland

What we did find is a lable of US 322

But with no cross roads listed, what's the grade? What did they do?

Alyssa Pugley isn’t pleased, not alone in her allegations

Drivers we talked to had their own frustrations

We then turned the corner and chose a random street

Where potholes could be filled with one feet, two feet

Just how many potholes are on this street?

Investigation | Broken roads, broken system: How Cleveland's road repair system is failing you

Two hands, two shoes, let's say it in tandem

No, really. It's Random (Street).

Compared to a tank the potholes are small

But make no mistake, the pain is quite tall.

It's a community that truly wants to have a ball

But just ask Fred Hall, he says it all

"We need help bad. Can you, please, do the roads?"

That, Fred Hall, about the road beside the wall

Is all up to Cleveland City Hall.

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