Avon residents paying homeowner fees over pool they don't have access to

Posted at 11:32 AM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 13:45:13-04

Some Avon homeowners are left in the scorching hot June temperatures without the pool they've been paying homeowner association fees to keep up.

The people who live around the nearly finished development near Renwood Avenue in Avon pay between $50 and nearly $100 a month in fees to keep it running. While construction equipment works on properties all around Kathlene Myron's newly built home, the only thing building for her is frustration.

"There's no accountability," said Myron. "If we're paying for something, we need to know what we're paying for."

Part of the nearly $100 Home Owner Association fee she pays each month is supposed to help keep up the development's pool and rec center. But neighbors tell us part of the facility inside is closed. The pool outside was supposed to open on Memorial Day, but more than halfway through June, it's still bone dry.

"I'm frustrated as well," said Premier Property Management President Bud Tetzlaff. He leads the Home Owners Association and collects the dues from Kathlene and her neighbors.

Tetzlaff says part of their payments go to Lawrence Community Management Group, who is responsible for the rec center and pool, but says he was left in the dark about why the pool isn't open.

"We get the calls and we tell them we don't have a good answer and we should have the answer," said Tetzlaff.

After News 5 started asking questions, Lawrence Community Management Group sent this letter, explaining to residents that damage from construction equipment delayed the pool's opening.

Tetzlaff also sent this letter, laying out what his company understands about the situation so far.

Before that point, Myron says everyone was in the dark.

"There was no letter," said Myron. "All we have are bills that they say they want to be paid."

Between the pool delays and what Myron says is a lack of communication, she says she's done with the whole experience before her front lawn has even had time to grow.

"I want to retire here, I want to raise my daughter and have my family here," said Myron. "But this is not what I bargained for."

Lawrence Community Management Group tells News 5 the repairs on the pool are happening right now and they're trying to open it back up as soon as possible. If not for the construction damage, they claim the pool would have been opened on time.