Cleveland residents wonder why streets in good condition are getting repaved this summer

Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 05, 2017

The mayor of Cleveland is slowly rolling out the list of streets that will be repaved this summer. Our On Your Side investigation has shown big discrepancies with what the city is doing and a recent roads report that grades the condition of the streets.

Once again, we’re finding problems and getting quite a reaction from people in their neighborhoods.

West 54th Street near Franklin is Nathan Rutz's street. It has issues...lots of them.


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"Well, for a while, my girlfriend and I were going to take pictures of ourselves in the potholes,” said Rutz.

Is his street getting repaved? Not anytime soon.

Mayor Frank Jackson just released the next six streets ready for repaving. One is West 57th from Bridge to Lorain which is very rough. It gets a D grade on the city's new $600,000 study of our streets.

But an interesting thing happened when we checked out another section of West 57th slated for repaving. The study gives that section a D. There are some cracks but it’s nowhere near the condition of West 57th from Bridge to Lorain. However, it was also graded a D.

Darrell Strowder can't understand why it’s graded a D and getting repaved when there are plenty of other streets in his neighborhood that are a problem.

“You gonna bump your car. Your rims gonna bust or something,” Strowder said.

We asked if his car would do that on the questionable West 57th Street that’s set for repaving.

“No.  This is the best street. I don't see what's wrong with it,” he told us.

Just last month, Mayor Jackson told us the city had a plan for repaving.

“F (graded) streets are what we intend to do in each ward,” said the mayor.

However, of the six newly announced streets, only two are graded F. One street — West 80th from Franklin to Detroit — isn't even in the report, and Rutledge between West 74th and West 76th is a D.   

Rutledge is getting repaved much to the surprise of Dominique Howard who's lived on Rutledge for 5 years.

"Not this one,” Howard laughed. “This...shouldn't worry about this one. This should be one of the last streets. We have no issues...not even in the wintertime. This street is fine."

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away is West 50th from Lorain to the end of the street. It’s an actual F but there are no plans to repave it.

"It's sad actually," said Esdras Vega who lives on West 50th.  His stretch of street has long lines of potholes, a huge dip, and a ton of problems. 

There are no plans for his stretch of West 50th to get paved either.

"Let's get it done. Let's get these streets done…the ones that really do need it,” Vega said.

Rutz agreed. "It seems like (the city has) a big problem with (its) grading system."