Concerned drivers upset about Cleveland's choices for road repaving

Posted at 6:31 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 13:29:46-04

On Your Side Investigators are uncovering even more problems with Cleveland's strategy to repave streets in your neighborhoods. Mayor Frank Jackson has said the worst rated streets will get the most attention. However, here are more examples of how that's simply not the case.

"I travel up and down the street to and from work each day,” said Donna Baffa. She works on East 53rd Street. It’s one of six streets in Ward 10 set to be paved by September.

We asked her if she thought East 53rd was one of the streets that absolutely needed to get done right away.

“I think there’s many worse (streets),” said Baffa.

Two months ago, Mayor Jackson told On Your Side Investigators, "F (rated) streets are what we intend to do in each ward."

People like Denise Calhoun who lives a street over from East 53rd said she's driven on much worse than East 53rd. "The other street (East 54th) tore my car up. So, this street is not as bad," Calhoun told us.

She and her friend told us East 58th near Superior was much worse. That's just a couple blocks down from East 53rd. Our cameras have shown, they’re right.

"You see all the patches that have been here for the past couple of years,” said William Donofrio who lives on East 58th. “There's no attention that goes over here...I think it's bologna… I wouldn't understand why they would want to fix up something that's already decent to drive on as opposed to this (East 58th) where it's already messed up."

And here's another example, East 143rd from Idarose to Euclid is slated for repaving.


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When you compare it side by side with Arlington Avenue that will also be repaved, Arlington is in terrible shape and East 143rd is nowhere near that condition. However, those two streets are in the same category: "worst streets" in Cleveland.

The city's system is leaving people frustrated.

"It’s a waste of tax monies,” said Joe Miller who lives in Cleveland.

"It's time for the city to really step up and be there for the people,” said a man named Nathaniel who didn’t want to use his last name but did want his opinion heard.

These are additional examples showing the roads selection process and the road ratings are all over the place as we have proven during our months-long investigation “Broken Roads, Broken System.”

On Your Side Investigators have, once again, highlighted these questionable road improvement choices for Mayor Jackson. Here's the response from his office:

“Using the Pavement Management Study the City of Cleveland is resurfacing the “F” rated streets in our systematic approach to resurfacing. Prior to any road being resurfaced the City employs state-of-the-art technology to validate the current street rating. Utilizing the same science and standards used by NOACA and ODOT, we validate and verify that each street targeted for resurfacing is still in an “F” rated condition or has degraded into an “F” rating.”
Daniel Williams
Director of Media Relations, Office of the Mayor