Construction along this road in Cleveland near I-77 is causing confusion among drivers

Posted at 10:42 AM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 10:42:41-04

Work is underway on two new highway bridges on Cleveland’s near east side, and the construction zone is leaving drivers angry and anxious.

“It’s really inconvenient,” said one Cleveland driver who takes the route on Broadway Avenue toward I-77 northbound every day. She stopped to talk with News 5 to express her frustration.

“I thought I could go this way, then that was crazy,” she said, referring to the corner of Broadway and Pershing Avenue trying to make a right turn, but realized she could only go left, and was in the wrong lane.

And she’s not the only one confused about the street changes.

“It gets aggravating,” said Rich Liuzzo, who was struggling to figure out the best route his truck can take without a penalty

“I’m getting pulled over by PUCO cops, when we don’t have a legitimate truck route,” he said. “If there was a sign on Broadway that said Broadway detour left only, then it would help control the traffic."

All of this is due to ODOT’s project that just started on Broadway at the 77 northbridge as well as the 77 and I-490 Bridge.

“Both of these projects are part of the overall innerbelt modernization plan,” said Amanda McFarland, the ODOT District 12 Spokesperson.

A plan they say McFarland says they have under control.

“So we are going to be putting a temporary traffic signal there to help improve the traffic flow,” she said.

The drivers we spoke with though, say the lights aren’t helpful, and what they want are more clear and concise signs.