Countdown to showtime: What does it take to be on the Cleveland Cavaliers spirit squad?

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 17:39:15-04
Game Day, it's finally here. Our Cavs are back in the Finals and the team has been getting ready to lay it all out on the court. But the players aren't the only ones we're talking about.
For some fans, the game experience would be pretty dull if not for the entertainment squad.
News 5 went behind the scenes to see just how the rest of them prep for show time.

“Sometimes it's on the court, or sometimes it's just on a piece of concrete or outside, you know wherever we can find some space to warm up," said Kelcee Ancona, Team Captain of The Q Spirit Squad.

The Q spirit squad, Cavalier Girls and Scream Team all start rehearsals hours before game time, prepping, stretching and running through their routines, repeatedly, to give fans their best.
“Whether the team is on the road, or they are here we are defending the land so they can be clear across the country they can feel us," expressed Emily Smith, Director for all the Cavs Dance & Entertainment Teams.
When the team is home, the stakes are even higher.
“There is a big difference because for home games we also have fan fest outside so all of our fans that come outside, we do a performance just like we would if we were inside the game," Ancona said.
And it's all run by Smith, who oversees more than 200 Cavs dancers and entertainers.
“I have the best time in the world, all of these young people are living their dreams and it's because of the Cleveland Cavaliers," she said.
How do you join? Smith says there’s one essential requirement that tops all the rest.
“The most important prerequisite for being one of her entertainers is you have to be a fan, you have to live wine and gold.”