Do you drive the West Shoreway? Tired of construction? Here's an update

Posted at 7:34 AM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-02 07:41:18-04

It's been a real source of headaches for drivers who use the West Shoreway in Cleveland.

It's a long, ongoing improvement project where work on the road has hit a standstill. Now, we have some answers about what’s behind the delays and what ODOT said about the project’s deadline.

"Just get it done already,” said frustrated driver James Altem. He lives in Avon and drives 36 miles one way during his commute. "I've been driving the Shoreway on and off for 40 years,” he said. “This is the worst managed, longest Shoreway improvement project and repaving I have ever seen."

We just checked the Shoreway to see if the problems in our last report in mid-August have been addressed. We noticed some of the same issues with metal grates sticking out. Some manholes have been ramped with asphalt. However, when it comes to repaving, there’s nothing new.

"People have questions, certainly," said Amanda McFarland, ODOT’s District 12 Spokesperson. She said they tried to get the paving started in late August, but rain plus problems with materials needed for the work caused delays.

"There were some issues with some of the paving products and so ODOT and the contractor wanted to make sure that this work was done per the specifications,” said McFarland.

So, while that problem was sorted out, the contractor has been working on West 25th Street. “It's progressing extremely well,” McFarland told us. “The contractor has met all of the deadlines that they set for themselves."

At the same time, drivers have asked News 5 why there’s so much attention on West 25th when the Shoreway is much more heavily used. "It's up to the contractor to decide how to go about meeting that (project deadline). We have been relaying the concerns we're hearing from the motoring public about what's been going on," said McFarland.

Drivers have been wondering about the deadline for the Shoreway. The original announcement stated completion in fall of this year.

"We are committed to having it done this fall and if everyone can just continue to be patient and hang on, it shouldn't be too much longer," said McFarland.

ODOT tells the News 5 there is no specific timeframe for the start of paving but we will stay on top of it. We do know the paving will take place at night.