Putting out the trash the wrong way could cost residents within Cleveland's city limits

Posted at 10:36 AM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 10:36:31-04

It went away, and now it's back. The city can get your cash now from your trash.

“This would get you a $350 ticket," explained Michael Cox, Director from Cleveland Public Works while looking at an example of the wrong way for residents to set out their trash and recycle.

“We're just trying to make it efficient and do the things we have to do to pick up an average of 30,000 households a week," he said.

Starting today, if you live within Cleveland's city limits, recycling and pitching your junk the wrong way could cost you, anywhere from a $100 to $350.

“We're not trying to ticket anybody, what we're trying to do is make sure everyone is in compliance," Director Cox said.

They say over packing the bin is problematic for production and the environment.

“You're doing way more harm than good by putting too much in the bin and we really want to keep it down to the five main items,” said Kristin Hall, Director of Sustainability for the Cleveland Mayor's Office.

Those items include glass, cans, paper and cardboard, plastic tubs and cartons.

“We recognize that it can be really confusing, but if you just stick those main five items, you're going to be in good shape," said Hall.

The city took a yearlong break from handing out these citations to better educate people on what to do.

During that time, they canvassed the city, handing out warnings to residents.

“And we marked on that warning, what it is that we need you to do and how you can avoid getting a ticket," said Director Cox.

But some residents, like Jesse Mallatt, still think it’s a waste of money.

"I think that it's a little outrageous, I think that it should be some other alternative than just money because people don't have money like that. I think that maybe, give them some community service," he said.

If you have larger items like a mattress or dresser you can arrange with the city to have dumpster put in your yard all of those items in one container at one time by calling this number 216-664-3711.