Mayor Frank Jackson said they would fix Cleveland's worst streets first, but are they?

Posted at 11:10 AM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 11:11:25-04

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson told News 5 in a news conference that the worst streets were going to get the most attention in this year's paving plans.

"The 'F' streets are what we intend to do in each ward," he said. 

Why then, this week, are two out of the four streets announced for repaving actually rated Ds, according to the Pavement Management Study released this year?

Broken Roads, Broken System: See what the City of Cleveland graded your street and grade it yourself

Damon Johnson told News 5 he's lived around Hillgrove Avenue for years and he's seen worse roads. So he doesn't understand why Hillgrove was chosen.

"I just think it's...there should be some type of a better selection process on which ones get done first," he said. 

Just 15 minutes away from Hillgrove Avenue is Morgan Avenue. That's actually rated an 'F.' But no work is being done there. 

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And Union Avenue is complete with a metal plate. From East 133rd Street to East 138th Street it's rated an 'F' and it's much more heavily traveled. 

"This is one of the streets they should do also because this is like a main street," said Mike Milton, owner of Mike's Car Care.

He's confused like others, especially after the Public Works Director that oversees the street repaving said this: "Those streets that we have chosen to do are rated 'F'."

Road work on the D-rated streets is slated to begin today.

As far as the other streets that will be repaved this year, the city missed its own deadline for announcing the streets and have ignored News 5's repeated requests for that list.