New free school market offers essentials for residents in Cleveland's Cudell neighborhood

Posted at 6:00 AM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 06:17:19-05

Earlier this fall, 5 On Your Side Investigators told you about people lending their time and talents to help the Cudell neighborhood in Cleveland. This follow-up shows some of the "fruits" of their labor.

It's the start of something new at the Marion C Seltzer School. It’s a free School Market for those in need. The Cleveland Food Bank, school leaders and volunteers are making it happen.

"It's fantastic,” said Carolyn Newberry from the Cleveland Food Bank. “When I started at the food bank, I had no idea the immense power to help, you know people who are hungry. To put it into perspective, in Cuyahoga County one in four children is food insecure. In Cleveland, it's one in two. So, the need doubles once we get inside those city limits."

“The amount of logistics and planning it takes and the ability to say we got produce that we had in our warehouse for only 24 hours into the hands of somebody who needs it today is fabulous," she said. “I feel like we are doing something that is bigger than handing out food, we're changing lives and there are kids here who might not get an apple if it's not given to them at this produce distribution."

“To see our programs grow and to serve more people especially within in Cleveland where it's really needed for students, it's fabulous it really warms my heart to know these kids are going to have food this weekend."

The new free market includes fresh produce, donated clothing, free help with the food stamp program and more. It's open Friday from 4 until 6 p.m. Then it will be held on the first Friday of every month at the same times. Because of the holidays, the next one is January 12.