Old family tradition lives on with 'Cavs Barn' in Medina County

Posted at 12:46 PM, Jun 12, 2017

You would be pretty hard-pressed to find someone in Medina Township who didn’t know about the Cavs Barn.

The iconic barn built more than 100 years ago still stands, but serves today as a sign of support for Cleveland sports teams, all of which, the Lamphear family loves.

“When the Cavs started with Lebron and everything and got all hyped up, we cut out the ‘Go Cavs’ lettering and he put a spotlight on it and he was so proud,” said Chris Lamphear, who owns the barn with “Go Cavs” printed with huge letters on it.

In 2015, since the first Cavs championship run in a long time, the big barn has sported the big letters.

“And then they won the Championship and we had to add a little trophy to it and we had a big flag up there at one time. Actually someone from the Cavs organization came and brought us this huge flag,” said Lamphear.

Lamphear, her husband and kids are reviving an old family tradition. Chris and her husband did something similar for the Browns, back when they were good, in the 80’s.

“We’ve lived here all our lives, both of us were born and raised in Medina, so Cleveland is our big city,” she said.

But once the Cavs came back in the spotlight, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to showcase some support in the biggest way they knew how. The sign stays up all year, even lights up at night and it’s become somewhat of a local icon, a reference point, a marker.

“If somebody asks me where I live, I’m like, do you know where it says ‘Go Cavs?’” said Lamphear.

Here’s to hoping this sign spurs the steam this team needs to pull out *another championship…

The barn, which was built in the 1890s, had a big Go Tribe sign during the World Series. It is still operational and used every day for the family’s landscaping business.