Residents concerned after water is wasted for days in North Olmsted

Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 12, 2017

News 5's ongoing investigation into the Cleveland Water Department just uncovered a new problem coming out of North Olmsted and it has some neighbors wondering what is going on.

The Cleveland Water Department finally showed up but not until days after water started spewing into the streets around the Country Club Condos.

"I can't even imagine how many thousands and thousands of gallons of water that went down the drain," said long-time resident Mary Buddie. She told News 5 the water department was out there last week.  At the end of the day Friday, workers turned the water back on and water kept coming to the surface.

Did they fix that?  

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"They put cones in front of all the parking spots and they left,” said Buddie. “Never said when they were coming back or anything."

Buddie said she called the water department five times but got busy signals. Then she called the City of Cleveland.

"They put me through to somebody that was the wrong department. She put me on hold for about a half-hour or so. I got another person. I was talking to her and I realized there was nobody on the other end of the line."

Cleveland Water came out Monday, but Buddie and other neighbors watched all weekend as water flooded their street. They couldn't believe Cleveland Water would let so many gallons of water leak out like that.

"It was too much water. Definitely a lot of water. It's just a waste,” said condo resident May Almadani. She just moved there from New York with her young son.  She showed News 5 the water left behind in her pipes. Her water had been off for several hours at a time during several recent days.

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"To be honest, in New York, something like this is done in one day," she said. 

All of this was happening while the side of their truck says "Preserving water quality..." Some wonder, though, what about preserving the water itself?

Cleveland Water representatives told News 5 they have fewer workers during the weekend and they had other priority calls. But neighbors said the crew members were already there when the multi-bubble-ups started on Friday.