Several Northeast Ohio families say they were ripped off by the same contractor

Posted at 9:37 AM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 09:37:19-05

Several families in Northeast Ohio claim they were schemed by a Cleveland contractor. 

A man who contacted News 5 said it all sounded so good. The family said they signed a contract with All Services LLC in Cleveland and trusted the company to get the job done. Now, all they are left with is frustration and a faulty framework on their home. 

"It just looks like a bomb out there," said Andy Pietrzycki. 

Pietrzycki saw an ad on Craigslist and hired the contractor to do work on his backyard at his North Royalton home. 

He paid the contractor close to $1,200 upfront for half of the work in November. 

"He dismantled my whole backyard. Ripped off my stairs off my deck, all my cylinders, moved everything," he said. 

News 5 went to the address listed for All Services LLC. The contractor was not there, nor did he answer any of our calls. 

With Christmas around the corner, Pietrzycki said the holidays will be tough for his wife and six kids. 

"My children can't go out and play, or I can't even let out my animals because they can't even get down the stairs. It's just a burden for all of us at this point," he said. 

He is not the only one who lost money to All Services LLC.

"We needed a wall waterproofed in our new home, and we wanted it done before we moved in," said Kristi Crane, who lost just over $1,000. 

After posting about her loss on Facebook, more than a dozen families across Northeast Ohio claimed similar stories. 

If you are hiring a contractor, always verify the contractor's license and insurance. Never pay in full upfront.