Therapists seeing more couples with marital trouble post 2016 election

Posted at 6:00 AM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 10:53:19-04

Till death do us part, or until Donald Trump becomes president. Some therapists have reported seeing more couples facing marital trouble because of political differences than ever before.

A husband may support the President and his policies, while his wife voted for Hillary Clinton and now their marriage is falling apart. It’s a narrative playing out on therapist's couches across the country.

Take for instance, Dr. Rosemarie Paini, a psychologist practicing in Lyndhurst, Ohio. She’s seen couples for decades and according to her, this is the worst she has ever seen politics, being the driving force behind serious marital issues.


“What happens is the era of Trump is that people are either for him or against him. But if you're married, what do you do?" she said.

2016 was a polarizing election, with two candidates that had drastically different viewpoints, with very loyal supporters, many of which were not loyal to their party. According to Paini, a lot of couples are having a difficult time resolving their political differences because this election was so divisive.

“When someone has a different persuasion there’s a way in which we feel threatened inside because all of a sudden I thought my husband was this or that, but now, he’s telling me he’s this and I don’t have that same view,” she said.

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If you’re struggling, there is help.

First, Paini says both halves of the relationship must commit to resolving their differences. Secondly, couples need to get better at listening and trying to compassionately understand where their partner is coming from. Finally, according to Paini, if the relationship is deep enough, there will be an understanding that no difference will be able to break it.