This device is helping K-9s stay safe in cars when they become overheated

Posted at 7:44 AM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 07:44:04-04

Every day officers put their lives on the line and sometimes the first target of civilian attacks are the four-legged friends who also help keep us safe.  But what about their safety?

One local organization is asking for your help to protect those who protect us.

When the temperature heats up, the officer’s K-9 could be in danger.

“You leave the dog a lot of times in the car by himself for different situations,” said Officer Jason Hall with the Streetsboro police. He’s been working with his fury patrol partner Kaiya for the past 2 years. He says he’s known of police who have actually lost their K-9 while out on a call.

“There is one about 2 or 3 years ago and she died in the car,” he said.

That’s why Nathan King and his non-profit K-9s of Valor are raising money to help donate a special system to police departments in Ohio.

“We’re trying to keep these officers and the dogs safe,” King said.

It’s called the Hot and Pop Device and it cools down the car by opening the windows, and turning on the fan, once a thermometer in the car recognizes it’s getting overheated.

Not only does it help keep the dog cool and safe, it’s also designed to protect the officer.

He can pop open the door from miles away, if the officer’s in trouble and go assist him, where the name Hot & Pop comes from.

“If I’m at an elevated state, then he knows he’s on guard watching me,” said Officer Hall.

Training on this system and other patrol duties happen every Thursday for Officer Hall’s department and other surrounding cities.