EXCLUSIVE: NewsChannel5 talks to woman who was sickened at EST Fest

Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-07 20:41:17-04

Amy Fabian said she knew something was wrong after eating one Nerd at EST Fest.

"I felt like I was everywhere at once. And it was not a good feeling." 

Fabian told NewsChannel5's Tara Molina she got the candy at a pool party Saturday morning. Shortly after taking it, she started walking around Ohio Dreams Park aimlessly. 

"Then I felt twitchy. It just didn't feel right," Fabian said.

Then it really hit her.

"When I couldn't breathe I was like, this is not good," she told us. 

Fabian is one of 24 people who ended up at OhioHealth Hospital in Mansfield after overdosing on the drug-laced candy.

We caught up with her as soon as she was released.

"I'm so thankful. It could have been a lot worse...we all thought it was regular weed edibles."

Police chemically tested the candy. It came up negative for opiates, but positive for highly concentrated THC, the mind altering substance found in marijuana. 

The packages were marked " Nerds Rope, Prescribed Medibles."

Richland County deputies are looking for the man or men who distributed the laced candy, but no one has been charged.