Free Flow: Medina County man could owe thousands after not having water bill for 15 years

Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 18:18:45-04

After getting free water from Cleveland Water for 15 years, a Medina County man is finally getting a water meter installed.  

News 5 introduced Jim McClintock earlier in September. At no fault on his part, he's never received a water bill from the company, because he doesn't have a meter.

On Sept. 28, Cleveland Water will install a meter, and it is not clear if he will owe the company money from 15 years of usage. 

"I can't even explain my frustration," McClintock said.

The water woes started earlier in September.

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McClintock woke up in his Hinckley home with a notice on his property from Cleveland Water that said his water would be shut off by Sept. 22 if he didn't pay up. 

"They've been totally unresponsive for 15 years," McClintock said. "If we come in to a five digit water bill, my attorney will contact them." 

Cleveland Water tells News 5 an error in McClintock's application is the reason for him never receiving a bill. As for the free water, well, they couldn't explain that. 

Mike Cummings lives next door to McClintock.

He paid $300 for a meter in 2003 that he never got. Since then, he has not gotten a bill or a shut-off notice. 

"If they told me I had to pay, I wouldn't be very happy. I'd probably go back to my well," Cummings said.