Gang violence spilling out into suburbs

Posted at 8:28 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 20:28:09-04

Cleveland gang violence is spilling out into the suburbs.

Officials with the county prosecutor's office told us they're seeing more and more of it. Most recently the OTZ, or 'Only the Zone' gang, who racked up 151 charges in 10 cities.

The vicious teen gang has wreaked havoc across Greater Cleveland, from attacks on an RTA bus, to robbery, kidnapping, and assaults in a fast food restaurant and grocery store parking lot.

OTZ's trail of violence stretches through 10 cities where they, often times, chose random victims according to Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Duane Deskins.

Deskins told NewsChannel 5 this is more than a Cleveland problem.

"Whether it be Maple Heights, Mayfield, Fairview, or Rocky River. They're going where the opportunity is the best."

Deskins said it means everyone in the greater Cleveland area needs to be careful.

"We all need to be more careful in where we go and what we do," he said.

Law enforcement and county prosecutors are still actively pursuing the OTZ gang case- there may be more charges and arrests coming in the near future.