Geneva man says his headlamp exploded just seconds after he took it off

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jun 05, 2017

After seeing headlines about exploding phones, and then laptops, a man from Geneva contacted News 5 about his headlamp catching fire.

News 5 also found at least two other complaints filed in the last six months through the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Headlamps are typically worn when hiking, gardening or doing other activities, during the night or in dim lighting.

The man from Geneva did not want his face on camera, but shared his story with News 5. He said he started using a headlamp just this year while caring for his horses at night.

“I got it as a gift from this lady here, and it was around Christmas time I believe she bought it,” he said, “So I've been wearing it pretty much every day since then.”

He said the gadget was working fine, until last week.

“I just took it off and hung it outside the stall, it just exploded, 20 seconds sooner, it would've been on me,” he said.

This man isn't the only experiencing issues with headlamps.

Back in January, a woman reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that smoke filled her kitchen, after her headlamp exploded. It was the same brand as the Geneva man’s headlamp — Boruit.

The same month, another man reported he was charging his waterproof bicycle headlamp, when it suddenly exploded into a ball of flames. His headlamp was made by the brand Benran.

All of these gadgets used rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which according to the users, overheated, then caught fire.

Patti Davis, the Spokesperson with the Consumer Product Safety Commission said she could not comment specifically on these headlamps. However, she said these batteries are on her department's radar.

Her advice:

  • Lithium ion batteries pack a lot of energy in small packages, so people are advised to handle them with care
  • Do not drop the batteries or keep them in a hot car or warm places
  • Don't charge them when away or sleeping
  • Consumers are encouraged to report any incidents to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Here is a direct link to report an unsafe product: