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Presidents’ Council working to support students displaced by coronavirus

Presidents' Council
Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-24 18:50:55-04

CLEVELAND — The Presidents’ Council, a network that pushes Black growth, is looking out for students who are displaced due to the coronavirus.

“The Presidents’ Council’s mission has always been to support, develop and advocate for the next generation of African American leaders,” said executive director of the Presidents’ Council, Erica C. Penick.

Penick said her organization will offer internships for the Presidents’ Council’s P.C. Scholars, which is their high school and college program that assists African American students. Many of them entered the summer prepared to social distance and hoping they could find paid internships.

"I had planned to stay in D.C., I had internships in D.C., and everything got canceled,” said Howard University student, Kieori Gethers.

Gethers is pursuing a career in psychology and was facing a summer of uncertainty.

"One day, I got a call and it was the Presidents' Council,” said Gethers.

The Council told her that their network could connect her to opportunities, but she'd have to be flexible.

That's how Gethers ended up interning with Robbie Terry-Washington, an accountant.

"internships, for me, are critical to the success of the students in obtaining the job,” said Terry-Washington.

While Terry-Washington couldn't provide a foundation in psychology, she could offer Getheres experience in a professional setting, and a check.

Grant dollars for displaced students, and people whose parents may have lost employment, are available. They amount to $12 per hour, 25 hours per week, for up to 8 weeks. The move also helps businesses rebound.

“I can now, maybe hire another intern, which I'm actually looking to do, because I have now allocated funds that I do not have to spend,” said Terry-Washington. "I'm just really grateful for this opportunity because it is very important — especially during these times."

To apply for opportunities, visit The Presidents’ Council’s website:

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