Government agencies respond to NewsChannel 5 investigations

Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 12, 2016

NewsChannel 5 Investigators have been keeping a close eye on government agencies and holding them accountable. Here are a couple of follow-ups to our initial stories about bad basement backups and thick brush that won’t go away.

“I feel like they could have done it a long time ago,” said Early Crawford as she stared at the 15’ high brush in her back yard. Last week, we introduced you to Early and her husband Charles who live on Wayne Drive. The eastsiders have been battling the city of Cleveland for years to have the overgrowth that runs a long the neighborhood block cut down.

Letters dating back 12 years ago show the city knew it was a problem. “I’ve talked to the councilman,” said Charles. “I called them back in May about this. They told me they’d get right on it and you see how far they got with it.”

The Crawfords just this morning confirmed and we confirmed through a city of Cleveland email that the longtime weeds will be cut down this week. “You seem to be on the cases. Things seem to work out with you,” said Early.

Meanwhile, you might remember Joe Aude from Triskett Rd. on the city’s west side. He was stuck with a $14,000+ repair bill for a drainage problem he never caused. The issue was on the city’s property.

After we highlighted Aude’s problems, the Ohio Department of Transportation responded immediately and so did the contractor that did some of the work. “He has since come out and met with me and ODOT out here and also says he’s going to do some research,” said Aude.

The plumber who did the work notices that the ball is rolling toward finding a solution. “The plumber has since backed off putting a lien on me because he sees that there’s something going on,” said Aude.

Both the Crawfords and Aude said it’s nice to have help.  

“I’m very appreciative to have somebody to make them move. It seems like this is the only way to get it done is to have NewsChannel 5 on the job,” Charles told us.

“If it wasn’t for Channel 5, I would be in dire straights with all of this other stuff,” said Aude. “It would cost me big money. I’m grateful for your involvement in this.”